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Mater Mothers' Private Hospital

"Mater Mothers' Private Hospital provides contemporary, leading-edge care that delivers real health care benefits to women, in a family friendly environment. It comprises single rooms with ensuites, access to external views, natural light and personal baby bathing facilities.

The hospital was designed with safety and the latest clinical technology in mind. Located in close proximity to Mater Adult Hospital Critical Care Unit, the hospital's integrated technology provides efficient monitoring for high risk women and their babies.

The Neonatal Critical Care Unit provides 79 cot spaces including intensive care, high dependency and special care cots, making it one of the biggest neonatal critical care units in Australia.

Mater Mothers' Private Hospital offers a number of services to assist women and their families before, during and after the birth of their children.

Women have access to a Fertility Service that offers care and advice to women on how to achieve and avoid pregnancy in line with the catholic ethos.

For more information about this facility, visit maternity.mater.org.au"

>> SOURCE: This information was provided by Mater Mothers' Private Hospital, 2011