Birthplace is an interactive tool that gives you information to support you to choose where to have your baby. Birthplace includes information about all birthing facilities in Queensland, including public hospitals, public birth centres and private hospitals

Choosing your model of care


General Information 



Birthspeak is a dictionary of words about pregnancy, labour and birth, and after birth. Birthspeak gives the meanings of words in plain language, and you can also listen to the word spoken aloud. 

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What are the chances?

On this website, we often give you information about the chance of different things happening if you choose one option or another option when making a decision. This page explains what we mean when we talk about the chance of something happening.

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How can I give feedback about my pregnancy, birth, or after birth care?

 This guide includes information on the different ways in which you can provide feedback on the care you received at your local hospital or health service. This information may help you to choose which method(s) you use to provide your feedback.

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