Where to have your pregnancy care

When you choose where to have your baby, you are often also choosing where you receive your pregnancy care (e.g., at home, in a hospital, in a community clinic), as well as who provides your care during pregnancy (e.g., midwives, doctors). This is because most places that provide care during birth also provide care during pregnancy, either on their own or in partnership with other care providers.

You can, however, choose to have your pregnancy care somewhere other than where you plan to have your baby. For example, many women who live in rural areas who plan to travel away to have their baby choose to have their pregnancy care (and their after birth care) closer to home. Even though many hospitals in rural areas do not provide birth services, most can still provide pregnancy care and after birth care. It may also be possible to have your care from a local GP, from a private midwife, or through an outreach or visiting service (e.g., Royal Flying Doctors service) if you live in a rural area that does not have a hospital that provides birth services.


For more information about choosing where to have your baby, please click on the ‘Labour and Birth’ tab above, or visit the Choosing where to have your baby page directly.

For information about the type of pregnancy care offered at each of the places that provide birth services in Queensland (i.e., hospitals and birth centres), please click on the ‘Birthplace’ icon at the top of this page, or visit Birthplace directly. Within Birthplace, look at the ‘About Pregnancy’ section.

If you live in a rural area, you can contact your local hospital or a local GP for more information about your options for receiving pregnancy care close to home.