Birthplace - Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions about Birthplace is provided below.



What is Birthplace?

Birthplace is an online guide about the places that provide birthing services (hospitals and birth centres) in Queensland. Birthplace provides information including the types of care offered, types of pain relief available, and general policies and practices, and what other women have said about the care they received.


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What is Birthplace for?

Birthplace is intended to support you to choose a birthing facility and/or to know what to expect from a chosen birthing facility. You do not necessarily need to go to your nearest hospital to have your baby - most hospitals in Queensland will care for women from anywhere (read more about this in 'Booking in to this facility' in Birthplace). Birthplace is intended to support you to feel confident, informed, and prepared for your birthing experience. Having knowledge about the care offered by different birthing facilities might help you to know what to expect, and make decisions about your maternity care.


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Which places are included in Birthplace?

All birthing facilities in Queensland, including public hospitals, public birth centres, and private hospitals, are included in Birthplace.


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Why is out-of-hospital birth not included in Birthplace?

Birthplace only provides information on the hospitals and births centres in Queensland where you can have a baby. However, you can also choose to have your baby out of hospital (for example, at home). More information about choosing out-of-hospital birth is provided in the Decision Aid, 'Choosing your model of care: A decision aid for pregnant women choosing their maternity care provider', on the Pregnancy page.


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Where does the information in Birthplace come from?

The information in Birthplace has come from many sources. These sources include people who work in maternity facilities in Queensland (e.g., midwives and doctors), women who have recently had a baby in Queensland, and other groups and organisations such as Queensland Health. For information about the survey data included in Birthplace, read about the Having a Baby in Queensland Survey. We have also sought the opinions of pregnant women and women who have recently had a baby in Queensland regarding the development of Birthplace. Academic publications relating to QCMB research are listed on the QCMB website here.


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How can I trust the information in Birthplace?

The information in Birthplace has been obtained only from credible and reliable sources. Much of the information included in Birthplace has been collected by our team at the Queensland Centre for Mothers & Babies, by surveying thousands of women in Queensland about their maternity care experiences. Information about how those data were analysed is available on request. Please Contact Us if you would like to request this information. Some information has been collected directly from the birthing facilities. The information in Birthplace is also updated and reviewed by our team as information changes.


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How trustworthy is the information from the Having a Baby in Queensland Survey?

To maximise the trustworthiness of the information presented in Birthplace, we have only reported survey data for facilities that had a response rate of 25% or higher (that is where at least 25% of the women who birthed at the facility during the survey period responded to our survey). For example, if 200 women birthed at a facility, we needed 50 responses to include this data on the website. Where we report an average, we required at least 30 responses for each facility. By doing this, we are confident that we have reported information that is representative of many women who birthed in the facility. To protect women’s anonymity, we have not reported survey data for facilities that had less than 10 women respond to the survey.

  • To see how many women from a particular facility responded to our survey, select 'About the Having a Baby in Queensland Survey' from the 'What information' box at the top of Birthplace.
  • To see how many women responded to particular questions in Birthplace, click on the number icon ('see plain numbers') in that question.


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Who is responsible for the development of Birthplace?

The people who are responsible for the development of Birthplace are listed on the About Us page. We are a group of researchers from The University of Queensland in Brisbane and we are passionate about doing work that helps to improve maternity care, so that it better meets the needs and preferences of all women in Queensland ...more


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Why do some answer fields in Birthplace have no information?

Some birthing facilities preferred not to answer certain questions about their services. Where this has happened you will see ‘No information currently available for this facility’ in the answer field.


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Why isn't my local hospital listed in Birthplace?

Birthplace lists all facilities in Queensland that offer birthing care. Some hospitals may offer prenatal care and/or postnatal care, but not birthing care. These facilities are not listed in Birthplace. There are also a number of birthing facilities that previously provided birthing care, but no longer do (e.g., Charters Towers Hospital, Cunnamulla Hospital). These facilities have been removed from Birthplace.


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How can I provide feedback on Birthplace?

We encourage women and their families, care providers and birthing facilities to provide feedback on Birthplace. If you would like to provide feedback please go to the Contact Us page to leave your message or or email info@havingababy.org.au directly.


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What if my experience at a birth facility doesn't match the information in Birthplace?

If there is information in Birthplace that does not match your experience at a particular facility please let us know. For example, if a service is listed as being available but that service was not available to you, we would like to know about this. Please go to the Contact Us page to let us know or email info@havingababy.org.au directly. 


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How can I make Birthplace run faster on my computer?

We find that Birthplace operates best using the Mozilla Firefox web browser. A Mozilla Firefox download is available for free on the Mozilla Firefox website.


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Does Birthplace remember my information preferences?

If you have browser cookies enabled on your computer, Birthplace will save your preferences so that each time you enter the tool the information you looked at on your last visit will be displayed. The browser cookie expires after 90 days from the last change. To enable browser cookies on your computer, edit your internet privacy settings.